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“Mark Hirschhorn's rare gift is to provide poignant melodies with powerful words.  Here is music that both evokes the mind and stirs the soul . “
Jean Houston, PhD, author of A Passion For the Possible


"I have listened to a lot of meditation CD's and this is the most powerful I've heard." 

"I have never cried with a meditation CD before."

"This is on the level of Tom Kenyon's work."

"We are so glad you are both listening to what spirit is guiding you to do.  We are grateful and inspired by your willingness to do what spirit says do, and to go where spirit says to go.  We are so proud of you!"

"I am tingling all over!!"

-listeners' reviews of 'Embracing Worthiness'



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Human and planetary consciousness are in the midst of making the most remarkable evolutionary leap in our history.  Ascending Music is here to support this effort by providing uplifting music and life-transforming meditations  to all those who are responding to their spirits' call.

Please browse through our catalog, and listen to examples from our CDs.  We think you'll like what you hear!

Thanks and Blessings,
Mark & Lynette


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